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DARK MEDIUM GEL №40, 15 ML (WITHOUT BRUSH) highly pigmented DMG4015

DARK MEDIUM GEL №40, 15 ML (WITHOUT BRUSH) highly pigmented DMG4015

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DARK Medium Gel No. 40

- rubber base gel consistency
- not straight liquid, which allows you to work with long nails
- It is not dense, so it quickly self-levels
- low temperature, so it does not cause strong burning in the lamp
- strong

Features of work:
1. We prepare the nail plate with a file of 180/240 grit (pterygium, remover, moisture should not remain on the nail)
2. Degrease well
3. For adhesion, apply Rubber base in a thin layer to the entire nail plate close to the cuticle and to the side ridges
4. We perform nail strengthening or modeling.

! After polymerization, they may have a viscous sticky layer, which is recommended to be removed before color / top.

* IF WE PERFORM strengthening - be sure to file your nail at least 1 mm from the inside so that there are no peels off from the free edge.

All DARK solid materials are NOT acidic


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