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DreamNails Slider design for Manicure TM-1028 autumn leaves

DreamNails Slider design for Manicure TM-1028 autumn leaves

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Slider design DreamNails is a thin elastic film with an image applied to paper.

Slider design is a fairly easy way to apply complex photographic patterns on nails. This way of decorating nails is very simple, but the effect is unique. Thanks to the huge variety of colors and patterns, using the design slider, you can create a variety of nail art without much difficulty.

When properly applied, this design is quite durable.


  1. Base (any one you usually use). For slider designs SD, OF, C, apply background white or light color, leaving 1 mm at the cuticle and side ridges. For slider designs SB, B, SW, W, CW, 3D and Foil, you can cover with any color of gel polish.
  2. Apply already on the dried layer of color "Base". Dry in a lamp. DO NOT REMOVE THE STICKY LAYER!!!
  3. Select an image, cut and prepare it to the shape of the nail.
  4. Dip the slider design in warm water for 30 seconds, transfer the image by shifting to the nail.
  5. Smooth out the film by pushing out any remaining water and air with a soft cloth. Dry in a lamp. File the ends well, with a soft file 220-240 grit, from top to bottom.
  6. Cover with "Base", seal the ends well, dry in a lamp.
  7. Cover with two layers of top coat, drying each one.

Country of origin: Ukraine

Слайдер дизайна DreamNails выполнен на белой подложке, а значит подойдет на любой фон.  Коллекции слайдеров DreamNails включают только топовые дизайны и всегда заполняются новинками.

Размер слайда 6,5*9 см (чтобы поместить в стандартный альбом для слайдеров, нужно разрезать лист пополам)


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