ELITE EMBRACE Professional Top Coat 20 (02) Powder 15ml DB6127

ELITE EMBRACE Professional Top Coat 20 (02) Powder 15ml DB6127

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To apply Elite Embrace colored top coats, follow these steps:

1. **Apply Rubber Base**: 
   - Apply a normal layer of rubber base coat to your nails. Ensure it is not too thin.
   - Cure the base coat under a UV or LED lamp for 60 seconds .

2. **Apply Top Coat with Alignment**: 
   - Apply the colored top coat carefully, ensuring proper alignment for an even finish.

### Tips for Best Results
- This top coat is ideal for pedicures or strengthening/extensions.
- If applying on natural nails, ensure the nails are in good condition and not weak, as the product may not adhere well to weak nails. 

### Additional Tips
- Make sure each layer is fully cured before applying the next to avoid any imperfections.
- Follow the curing times specified by the product to ensure the best adhesion and durability

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