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Luna Acid Free Base (30ml) 250-1631

Luna Acid Free Base (30ml) 250-1631

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Acid free base is an elastic, transparent, acid-free base for anti-aging.


- consistency is average, self-correcting;
- safe wearability 3 tyzhnі;
- suitable for a pedicure;
- acid-free 5-7 ph;
- suitable for girls with allergies to acids in materials;
- it is possible to cover the injured nails.

Application method:

• Standard preparation of the nail plate (degreaser, primer).
• Substrate with tsієї w base.
• After that, it is dried in a lamp for 30 seconds and with a stepping ball, we rob the nails.
• The base may have a strong stickiness, which is necessary before applying the gel polish or the color base, to wipe off the stickiness well. Just don’t wear it, for an hour of wearing, you can wear a color from the butt.


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