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Luna Top Matt Rubik's 13ml 300-0648

Luna Top Matt Rubik's 13ml 300-0648

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Top Matt Rubik's is a cement matte top with particles of various shapes, without a sticky ball, which will look harmoniously with any color on the nails. Vіn zdatny zrobiti your manicure tsіkavim and unimaginable.


- medium consistency, which allows you to comfortably work with the top without difficulty, does not close the cuticle and miraculously crosses the nail plate;
- including stronger heating of the nail plate in the polymerization process, this does not mean the liver in the lamp;
- secure wearability without waking up 3-4 days, we give health and safety protection against bad weather and minimize the risk of damage;
- May have a neutral smell.

Application method:

  • We put the top on the nail plate, after that, dry for 30-60 seconds.
  • Finishing coating is applied with one thin ball and polymerized under UV and Led lamp.


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