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RUB №29 KOMILFO MIRROR POWDER №007, PINK, 0.5 G 887007

RUB №29 KOMILFO MIRROR POWDER №007, PINK, 0.5 G 887007

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Komilfo Mirror Powder №007

This is a magic powder that creates an incredible metallic (mirror) effect on nails. The work is very economical and simple. It is rubbed into the cooled (!) Top without a sticky layer, the butt is buffed, overlapped with the base and top. Before overlapping, be sure to remove excess powder well.

Application method:

1. Cover nails with base and gel polish, cure in a lamp.

2. The powder can be rubbed into the gel polish without PM (if the gel polish is with a sticky layer, remove the sticky layer, if the gel polish is without a sticky layer, immediately start applying the powder) or into the top without the sticky layer.

3. The surface of the nails should be perfectly flat. Otherwise, align with a top (use a top without HP, if a top with a sticky layer – remove HP before rubbing in) and start applying mirror powder. If, after applying the gel polish, alignment with the top is not required, then you can immediately rub it into the gel polish.

4. Apply powder with a brush or finger and rub until shiny (you can use a foam or silicone brush ). In difficult areas, near the cuticle and lateral ridges, use a silicone or other brush. Be sure to brush off excess powder with a soft brush.

5. Pass the buff along the butt-end of the nails.

6. Apply Rubber Base Komilfo or Komilfo Gel Base or any other rubber base (if the base is liquid there is a possibility of chipping), sealing the free edge of the nail plate. Cover with top


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