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SAGA professional Acryl Gel 13 ml №09

SAGA professional Acryl Gel 13 ml №09

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Acryl-gel Saga Professional is designed for building and modeling nails, correcting chips of any complexity, strengthening a weak nail plate.

Works well with top and bottom forms. Optimum plasticity when laid out on the surface of the nail or mold. It cuts well. Suitable for arch compression. Does not spread and does not stick to the bristle of the brush during operation.

Acrylic gel has all the advantages of gel and acrylic: it does not dry in air, but only in a lamp, it is very docile, it does not form streaks due to its thick consistency. However, this material does not have self-levelling properties.


  1.  Fix the form on your finger;
  2.  Apply modeling gel;
  3.  Put your finger into the lamp, polymerization time in the UV lamp is 120 seconds, in the LED lamp - 60 seconds.

Volume: 13 ml


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