SAGA professional stamping gel paint (blue), 7 ml

SAGA professional stamping gel paint (blue), 7 ml

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SAGA professional gel ink for stamping black, 7 ml is a unique gel ink, it is very convenient in working with stamping, prints even the smallest details with high quality. It can be used both for working with the "Stamping" technique, and in the technique of artistic painting. The product has high pigmentation and medium density consistency. The main advantage of gel inks over conventional stamping inks is the ability to keep drawing until it is perfect, as gel-based ink does not dry out in the open air and allows you to correct the design.

Blue color

Volume: 7 ml


  1. Prepare the stamping plate or disc: wipe the engraved surface with a degreaser or nail polish remover;
  2. If necessary, perform a manicure;
  3. Apply a base coat and, if desired, a color coat on the nail in sequence;
  4. Apply a liquid tape to the near-nail skin to speed up its further cleansing, wait for it to dry;
  5. Apply stamping gel paint to the selected drawing, making sure that the entire engraving is filled with it;
  6. Remove excess gel paint with a scraper;
  7. With a rolling motion, print an imprint of the picture on the stamp, check its quality, if necessary, remove unnecessary elements;
  8. Also, with a rolling motion, in order to qualitatively apply a pattern to the area near the side rollers, transfer the print from the stamp to the nail in the position intended by the design;
  9. Dry the imprint on the nail in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, or in an LED lamp for 30-60 seconds, depending on the lamp power;
  10. Apply a topcoat, wait to dry, or dry in a lamp;
  11. If you wish to additionally apply a drawing on top of an already completed one, repeat steps 5 to 10;
  12. Remove the liquid tape, or clean the skin around the nail;
  13. If necessary, decorate the drawing with decor.
  14. Thoroughly clean all stamping accessories from gel paint residue.

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