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Saga Professional Stamping Paint 1 8 ml, black SLK01

Saga Professional Stamping Paint 1 8 ml, black SLK01

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Saga Professional Stamping Paint With Sticky Layer is a varnish for stamping that has a sticky layer. It can be used both in the traditional stamping design and in the trendy combination of "stamping + foil casting". The presence of a sticky layer allows you to transfer the foil to the drawing and thereby create very bright, beautiful and stylish nail compositions. The varnish has optimal pigment saturation, the right consistency for interaction with plates and discs (completely fills the notch, but does not flow). Due to its excellent characteristics, this material shows itself very well in nail design, it is liked by masters and beginners.

You can buy varnish for stamping with a sticky layer of 8 ml, black


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