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SAGA professional varnish for stamping 4 (lilac), 8 ml

SAGA professional varnish for stamping 4 (lilac), 8 ml

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SAGA professional varnish for stamping - intended for transferring a drawing from a printing form (disk) to a nail.

Color: lilac

Volume: 8ml

Saga Professional Stamping Paint is a varnish designed for stamping designs of any level of complexity. Contains a high concentration of color pigment for bright and contrasting drawings. It has an optimal consistency, which allows you to fully fill small details and elements on plates and discs, so that the pattern is transferred completely and looks complete. The palette contains all the most popular colors, so the master will be able to work and experiment easily and with pleasure. And the result will always please.

Stamping varnishes are not used like ordinary varnishes: they cannot completely cover the nail plate, because they do not dry


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